Healthy People Healthy Planet.

Collectively we are eating in a way our planet can’t sustain but every single one of us can make a real difference.

Our registered nutritionists will help you to make more environmentally sustainable choices.

10% of all profits go to funding reforestation projects in the Peruvian Amazon in partnership with Plant Your Future.

Sustainable Eating Advice

Odhealth makes it easy to ensure you’re making sustainable choices. 

All our Nutritionists are qualified in sustainable eating and all their qualifications are certified to the highest standard by the AFN – the only register recognised by the NHS and PHE.

No matter what your goal, tastes or requirements, our nutritionists can help you make sustainable choices that fit your life. It’s all about long term sustainability for you and the planet. All recommendations through our Nutritionists are designed to have the maximum positive impact on the environment and your plan will be packed full of guidance to help you.

Reforestation Projects

As well as helping you eat sustainably, it’s vital we also repair and replace the habitats already lost. That’s why we donate 10% of all profits to fund reforestation projects in the Peruvian Amazon through charity partner Plant Your Future.

Plant Your Future

In the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, Plant Your Future empowers communities to plant native trees, tackling climate breakdown and poverty.

Through our partnership with Plant Your Future, we will be helping towards the restoration of the Western Arc of the Amazon, which stretches across the regions of Loreto and Ucayali in north-eastern Peru – it’s one of the most biodiverse places on Earth and of critical importance for conservation.

The biggest driver of deforestation in the region is traditional farming, which is contributing to climate change and the loss of endangered wildlife. Farmers cut down the rainforest to make way for crops, known as slash-and-burn agriculture, which is responsible for about 90% of deforestation in these regions.

This unsustainable and destructive way of growing food traps people in a cycle of poverty; typically, families earn just £100 per month from their small farms, barely enough to cover basic needs, leaving them vulnerable to crisis.

By providing expert training, Plant Your Future works alongside families to cut this cycle of deforestation and poverty. They support them to develop the skills to create environmentally-friendly agroforestry plots. This tree-based agriculture system combines planting crops, fruit-bearing orchard trees, and timber trees.

Through this progressive way of farming, communities can reduce deforestation, protect biodiversity and mitigate climate change while also improving their livelihoods and increasing food security.

Plant Your Future’s work has been independently certified by the Rainforest Alliance in recognition that it’s achieved the highest standards in addressing issues around climate, community and biodiversity.

To date, they’ve planted over 40,000 native trees on degraded and abandoned land in eight Amazonian communities. Jenny Henman, founder and chairman of Plant Your Future, said:

“We’re really excited to be working together with Odhealth to plant trees in the Amazon Rainforest to help incentive and recognise people’s journeys to better health. We feel it is a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of Odhealth’s clients by doing something amazing for the planet!”

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