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What is gut health, IBS & IBD?

Good gut health means optimal gut functionaly (digestion, nutrient absorption and waste excretion) and absence of discomfort or IBS or IBD symptoms.

Experiencing some occasional discomfort is not unusual but if it is a regular occurence or symptoms are severe and impact day to day life then it is important to seek the necessary professional advice.

Why is gut health important?

The bacteria in your intestine (known as the gut flora) outnumber your human cells 10 to 1! Optimal gut functionality means optimal absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste – key impactors of overall wellbeing.

Our gut is not only the site of food absorption but it also plays a role in the creation of hormones, neurotransmitters and is heavily involved in our immunity, representing a barrier between the external environment and our body.

Distress in our gut functionally and alteration of the gut microbiota can lead to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms and altered bowel function, which can severely impact day to day life and hinder nutrient absorption.

IBD (irritable bowel disease) conditions such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can also have a huge impact on quality of life, nutrient absorption and energy levels.

How does nutrition affect gut health, IBS & IBD?

Nutrition has a huge impact on gut’s health and the microbiota that colonise our gut. 

Our gut microbiota is responsible for many metabolic functions in the body, for example synthesizing some micronutrients like vitamin K (essential for blood clotting) and group B vitamins (involved in cellular energy). Via fiber fermentation the colon microbiota can synthesize short chain fatty acids, compounds involved in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

The kind, quantity and variety of foods we eat can all have an impact on gut microbiota, influencing the different strains of bacteria in terms of quantity and differentiation. Some foods can cause adverse reactions in some people such as allergies or intolerances, or can aggravate some symptoms of specific conditions such as reflux, IBD and IBS.

Nutrition and gut health are strictly correlated and referring to a registered nutritionist able to provide a personalised diet plan should be a must when experiencing digestive and gut distress.

How can I successfully improve my gut health, IBS and IBD?

There are many routes to take to improve gut health and only a registered nutritionist can assess the most suitable for each individual case.

Following dietary regimes such as low FODMAP or eliminating food groups without supervision and guidance from an expert could lead to nutritional deficiencies and further aggravate symptoms. A registered nutritionist will be able to recommend specific diets if needed, checking progress and helping to safely reintroduce food groups, as strict dietary regimes are not meant to last for a lifetime.

A nutritionist can also suggest interventions such as probiotics and prebiotics, in the form of food or supplements, ensuring that all recommendations meet the rigorous standards and scientific rigour required by their professional body (The Association for Nutrition). 

Fiber is also vital to ensure gut health and an increase in its intake can be recommended to manage specific conditions and issues.

Why use an Odhealth nutritionist for IBS or gut health?

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You and your nutritionist will establish what success looks like for you and set the metrics that you want to track. Together you’ll track your progress and constantly develop your plan to maximise your results.

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All recommendations are tailored to your tastes and dietary requirements. You will use a food diary to track your habits and inform your nutritionist of your likes and dislikes.

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Upon booking we’ll ask you specific questions to help us match you to the perfect specialist for you. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will manage the whole process and provide support throughout your journey.

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