Sophie Every

Weight management, type 2 diabetes prevention, heart health, emotional eating, fatigue, immune support.

BSc in Health, Nutrition and Exercise from University of Bedfordshire. PhD candidate at Brunel University London. Over 7 years experience working with Public Health and the NHS.


The title Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) guarantees the completion of an accredited nutrition university degree (often at Master’s level) and registration with the Association for Nutrition (the only nutritionist qualification recognised by the the NHS and PHE).

I’m a passionate and approachable nutritionist with over 7 years experience in both public health and with private clients. I will use my passion and evidence-based expertise to help you build healthy, sustainable and enjoyable habits to reach your goals.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your advice- I tried on my holiday bikinis last night and for the first time in years I felt really good in them! Thanks again and see you when I get back!” – Rachel, looking to lose weight.

“Sofie’s advice changed my life. I finally understand that health isn’t about ‘good foods and bad foods’. I have finally found a balance that allows me to include all foods whilst still reaching my goals. I have more energy than ever and no longer feel guilty or stressed over my food choices.” – Josh, looking to improve relationship with food.

“Sofie’s health coaching has been first class. She has been approachable and really helped set goals and reach them. I have reduced my blood sugar into the healthy range so I am no longer at a higher risk of pre-diabetes and I am determined to stay that way!”– Sanket, looking to reduce blood sugars.

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Seanin brings such an amazing breadth of skill to her clients from her foundations as a registered ANutr to her specialism in intuitive eating and her dietician training and NHS experience. Weight management, long term health and physical fitness are Seanin’s bread and butter (pun intended).

She has a vast amount of experience working with clients looking to healthily lower their body fat and transform their eating habits through education and support. Seanin has a particular passion for female and family nutrition and is a specialist in helping busy parents to eat more healthily whilst managing the stress and demands of fussy family mealtimes.

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