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Complete the short questionnaire so we can understand more about you and match you to the right nutritionist.


We’ll share your results with your chosen Nutritionist so they have the information they need to maximise your time during your first consultation.


You’ll be given access to the Odhealth app where you will schedule your consultation and where the consultation itself is held. Make sure you enter your voucher code in the app when prompted.


“I’ve got so much more understanding of how what I eat impacts my health, sleep and my mood. Odhealth has changed my relationship with food completely.”

Hannah, London.


“I felt angry and frustrated about the way I had to tackle my obesity. I shouldn’t have had to join the dots myself.”

Tom Watson, Odhealth Advisor, former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Best-Selling Author of Downsizing.


My nutritionist was very friendly, open and I felt comfortable talking to her. She set out a clear plan for next steps and I thoroughly look forward to working with her.”

Jess, UK.

Odhealth only works with AFN Nutritionists – the only register of qualified nutritionists recognised by Public Health England, NHS Choices and NHS Careers.

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