Our Coaches

At Odhealth we’re passionate about ongoing support to make good habits stick. That’s why we only work with awesome, accredited personal trainers.  A wealth of diverse experience allows us to match you with the best coach for your goals. Meet some of our coaches here.

Beau Rambaut

Experience: 2 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Mindset, Confidence, Increasing Fitness

Expertise:  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 4 // Neuro Linguistic Coaching // Experienced Confidence Coach

Beau believes movement and happiness go hand in hand, meaning movement makes you happy, and happy people move more – energy begets energy. She is an avid traveller, urbexer, blue belt in jiu-jitsu and likes to play at the bouldering walls. She is always studying to better her methods, and keeping up with the science and philosophy of what it means to be a great coach.

Beau also has 4 years of experience as a Confidence Coach within the entertainment industry, predominantly working with performers mentality towards their career journey.

Ben Humphreys

Experience: 5 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Psychology and Nutrition

Expertise: MSc Sports and Exercise Psychology // BSc Physiology // Bsc Degree Sports, Exercise and Coaching // Opex CCP L1 – Precision Nutrition L1 // Level 1 Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise.

“I am not here to tell you what you should be doing, I am here to listen more about what you enjoy, how we can fit that into a healthier lifestyle and overcome challenging obstacles together.” Ben believes health is bigger than spending an hour or two a day in the gym and eating the perfect diet.  Health is a complicated subject and solutions are unique to every individual.

Ben is a personal coach who specialises in helping people overcome the challenges preventing them from living their healthiest life – no matter their starting point.

Health and fitness has been a big part of Ben’s life, from playing outside with friends and being in sports teams as a child, to completing adventure races, competing in CrossFit and even dabbling in activities such as clay pigeon shooting – why not!

Jenny Man

Experience: 10+ years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Nutrition, Pre and Post-Natal Exercise, Olympic Weight Lifting

Expertise: Advanced Coaching (ACA) // Premier Award in Designing Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Programmes // Certified Olympic Weightlifting Instructor // Premier Nutrition Level 3

Jenny’s minimal fuss methods are about helping you to create a balanced lifestyle through exercise and diet in a way which works for you.

Jenny’s clients are of all ages, walks of life and all levels of fitness. She specialises in nutrition, strength, conditioning, mobility and weight management but also has a passion and expertise for helping mums regain their health and fitness whilst balancing busy family and work schedules. Jenny is an expert in designing pre and post-natal exercise programmes.

Jenny adopts a holistic approach, with a 7 day nutrition analysis and results driven training, that is sustainable with little disruption to your lifestyle. She will help you psychologically, physically and nutritionally to create a bespoke plan for you.

Jermaine Sempebwa

Experience: 10+ years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Weight Loss and Strength

Expertise: BSc Physiology // Exercise Psychology

Growing up with a love of sports and a passion for science, Jermaine studied at Leeds University where he qualified with a BSc in Physiology, after which he studied to become a qualified Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Jermaine comes from an active background playing a variety of sports some of which include Basketball, Football and Boxing. He loves, lives and breathes fitness and behind his friendly approach, lurks an inspired individual with a burning passion to help his clients achieve their goals.

A strongly goals oriented personal trainer, Jermaine continually sets personal goals for himself, ensuring that he and his clients are always at the top of their game.

Many people are a long way from their comfort zone when it comes to the gym, however, Jermaine has a personable approach that helps those who at first may feel apprehensive, quickly start feeling completely at home and inspired to achieve their goals.

Vivien Barath

Experience: 2 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Mental Health and Behavioural Change

Expertise: Nutrition and Health Advisor // BA Hons Psychology

“As a mother of two, I know just how hard it can be to find the time, energy and determination to make that change to be a healthy, confident version of yourself. We are not made of stone, we can be carved to be anything we want with the right amount of determination and consistency. You can reach your full potential and go beyond what you thought was a limit.”

Vivien believes being fit and healthy is a mentality, not a look. The look is a side effect of the way you think. Change your thoughts and you will change your body. Don’t beat yourself up over your failures. You will fail. We all do. Use your failures as a means to learn about yourself and build yourself up stronger for the next challenge. Each time you break through those barriers, you become more confident in yourself. You’ve made another step in the right direction. You’ve made progress. You’ve won.

She believes that the mentality you create through will also permeate into other aspects of your life and mental health.

“I will help improve your mindset and give you the extra motivation you need to achieve your goals, within health and fitness and beyond. I personalise my plans for you to reduce stress and allow the body to come naturally into balance. I love seeing people transform their lives through their commitment. Together we will get the full benefit out of your journey, leading you to live a confident and healthier life, and achieve the physique you’ve always desired”.

Roshan Chhatralia

Experience: 5 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Life Coaching and Corporate Wellness

Expertise: Certified Mobility Specialist //  Certified Nutrition Coach

Roshan believes that taking responsibility over your own life, decisions and health and wellbeing is incredibly empowering, giving you the ability to consciously build a life towards how you want to think and feel.

Rochan’s journey to become a health coach came after building a 10 year career in the finance sector. From qualifying to be a chartered accountant to working as a corporate finance adviser in the latter part of his career, Roshan always felt like what was once his greatest asset in work and life, his health, was now being neglected.

Roshan experienced a number of adversities early on and throughout his career that lead him to feel overwhelmed and depleted at times. In late 2017 he began to really struggle with his mental health, even though to the outside world his life looked great.

“On reflection, I confirmed what I knew already. That health was complimentary to performance and not in trade off with it. Movement was my medicine or perhaps my preventative action against needing any. I connected the dots between the bouts in my mental health and the damaging lifestyle I was leading at those times – and noticed the same pattern in others. Lacking sleep, movement, good nutrition, support and adequate stress management tools has been widely accepted as a way of life, however, it’s a recipe for disaster. Now coaching others to develop their lifestyle in such areas, I can tell you that you really are able to take back control of how you feel and perform.”

His deep interest in health and wellbeing, experiences and passion for helping others made it an easy decision to pursue the path to coaching others.

“I am a firm believer that our lifestyle is our greatest tool in navigating and managing our thoughts, feelings and actions.”

Declan McLaughlin

Experience: 1 year, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Nutrition and Plant Based

Expertise: Precision Nutrition Level-1 Nutrition Coach //  Masters in Medicinal Chemistry

Dec McLaughlin is a Certified Nutritionist & Medicinal Chemistry Graduate.

He believes in a simple, scientific & sustainable approach to nutrition making the biochemistry behind it sexier and easier to understand!

His main areas of speciality are: fat loss for young professionals, sports nutrition for performance and Plant-Based nutrition support. He’s and avid kickboxer and runner as well as Tough Mudder enthusiast.

Adam Powell

Experience: 20 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Injury Rehab and Endurance Training

Expertise: Endurance Training // Mobility and Functional Training //  Rehab from Surgeries or Reoccurring Injuries // Stroke and Cancer Rehab //  Weight Management

Since qualifying in 2003, Adam has amassed 13,000 hours of personal training experience – 3,000 more than the 10,000 required to become an expert as outlined in Malcolm Gladwell’s famous book Outliers!

Adam is a fitness, leisure and cycle industry senior manager with over 20 years experience of project managing and operating fitness centres, personal training studios and fitness retreats in the UK, Europe and South Africa. He has been very fortunate to have travelled extensively with work in Europe, America and South Africa meeting many great people and gaining a wide experience of the fitness, leisure and cycling scene in many countries.

Mayoor Jobanputra

Experience: 7 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Behavioural Change , Strength & Conditioning and Sports Injury

Expertise: Psychology BSc // Sports Massage // Level 3 & 4 Strength and Conditioning // Level 4 Bioforce Conditioning Coach //  Sports Injuries Level 3

Mayoor is a coach that views keeping fit as something that should be fun and not a chore. He knows this is easier said than done but through working collaboratively with you, he’ll help you to find something you love, something that challenges you, excites you and gives you a sense of invigoration!

Having experience across many different areas of the fitness industry, Mayoor began to realise that health and wellness needs to become a lifelong habit rather than an 8 week holiday prep. By building sustainable habits, he’ll help you improve your quality of life and everything around it.

Mariia Stasiuk

Experience: 5 years, Level 4 Personal Trainer

Best for: GP Referral, Weight Loss and Lean Muscle

Expertise: Level 3 GP Referral // Body Bump Instructor // Body Combat Instructor // Level 2 Exercise to Music

For Mariia, becoming a personal trainer was a natural progression of her love of being active and healthy. She’s incredibly passionate about her job and is always striving to improve her knowledge. She’s trained to work with a massive range of clients from those with aesthetic goals to those with specific health conditions and have been referred by their GP. 

“It’s  difficult for people to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle on their own – that’s where I step in. I love seeing people transform their lives through their commitment and hard work”.

Simon Burden

Experience: 14 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Triathlon and Injury Management

Expertise: Weight Loss Coaching // Functional Strength Training for Swim, Bike and Run // Injury Prevention //  Run Plans // Triathlon Plans // Back Pain Management and Rehab // Swim Coaching

Dec McLaughlin is a Certified Nutritionist & Medicinal Chemistry Graduate.

He believes in a simple, scientific & sustainable approach to nutrition making the biochemistry behind it sexier and easier to understand!

His main areas of speciality are: fat loss for young professionals, sports nutrition for performance and Plant-Based nutrition support. He’s and avid kickboxer and runner as well as Tough Mudder enthusiast.

Jade Stewart

Experience: 3 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Exercise for Mental Health

Expertise: Physical Health for improving Mental Health

Jade is a big advocate for using health, fitness and nutrition to promote good mental health. “I struggle with mental health issues myself, so I know first hand how important it is to look after both physical and mental health: they go hand in hand! “ Jade aims to help you change negative habits in your life which may be holding you back from feeling the best that you can and educate you in how best to exercise safely for your specific goals.

Jade lives in Edinburgh and describes herself as: easy to talk to and will make you feel at ease very quickly 😊 Things she loves: dogs 🐶 house-plants 🌱cooking 🥘 being outside 🌲 pizza 🍕 Netflix 📺 exercise 🏋🏻‍♀️ self-care 💓

Marton Lenhardt

Experience: 5 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Nutrition and Muscle Gain

Expertise: National Academy of Sports Medicine – Fitness Nutrition Specialist //  National Academy of Sports Medicine – Correctional Exercise Specialist //  My Training Centre – Level 3 Sports Conditioning // My Training Centre – Level 3 Outdoor Fitness

Marton is a man who knows how to deliver results: he was shortlisted in the top 10 finalists for PT of the year across all 230 UK PureGym sites.

Fitness has been part of Marton’s life since the age of 16. After he discovered bodybuilding and weightlifting, his passion for the industry has grown as well as his results in bodybuilding competitions. He believes it is very important to physically challenge your clients  in the same way that he challenges himself everyday to improve. He’s there to be your motivation to keep going when things get hard. Everyone faces barriers in their day to day life which will prevent them from reaching their goals. Marton helps people to smash those barriers and together achieve the goals you’ve always dreamed of.

Mark O'Gorman

Experience: 5 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Postural Correction and Weight Loss

Expertise: Sport & Exercise Science (BSc) // Certificate in Weight Management // Certificate in Sports Conditioning // Certificate in Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise

Mark is an experienced one-to-one Personal Trainer with a deep understanding of the realities facing when attempting to build muscle or lose body fat.

Simple, practical solutions can be implemented to ensure positive lifestyle changes and make long-term results attainable.

Kjartan Kelly

Experience: 5 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Strength and Weight Loss

Expertise: Metabolic Resistance Conditioning // Emotional Intelligence // Gym Based Boxing // Studio Cycling

Kjartan is an experienced personal trainer from a military background specialising in physique and performance enhancement of every fitness level.

He uses practical methods which focus on long term development and durability that are comparable with general diets and lifestyles.

Thomas Iles

Experience: 10+ years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Life Coaching and Family Health

Expertise: Mindset Coaching // Level 3 Child Exercise and Nutrition (11-17 years of age) // Strength and Conditioning // Endurance Training //  Balance Training.

Tom brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to a style of coaching which incorporates as much lifestyle coaching as traditional fitness coaching.

“Helping people break through barriers with not only the physical but also the mental side is my passion”.

Tom is also qualified to deliver specialist Child Exercise and Nutrition advice to help you involve your children in your health journey – providing them with good foundations to take into the rest of their lives.

Jordan Baylie

Experience: 5 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Strength & Conditioning

Expertise: BSc Sport Studies and Psychology

Jordan is a keen, hard working coach who enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals. “My job is to help people achieve their ambitions in an efficient and fun way. I believe it is important to enjoy your training and exercise, as well as pushing yourself to be better. I always start with the psychology of my clients, this is the bedrock of any long term success, and from there you can begin to build everything else.”

Toby Clifford

Experience: 5 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Nutrition

Expertise: NCFE Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity // Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning

Toby is a highly motivated, passionate coach with expertise across health and fitness with a specialist background in nutrition.

Robert Williams

Experience: 7 years, Level 3 Personal Trainer

Best for: Toning and Weight Training

Expertise:  Aesthetic Weight Training // Fat loss and Improving Lean Muscle Growth

Rob will give you the tools to achieve serious results and undergo complete body and fitness transformations. “Your time is precious, so, to ensure you’re using it well,  you must have to start with a plan that’s going to deliver”. Using his years of experience, Rob will help you to create this plan and work with you to continually evolve it as you develop. By working with Rob you can be sure that the work you’re putting in is giving you the maximum results back whilst freeing up your headspace to focus on the things that matter most to you.