How It Works

Learn how the Odhealth platform works

Setting Your Goal

Starting with a clear goal and a specific way of measuring success is a crucial part of making positive change. Through the consultation process, your nutritionist will help you to define a clear goal and set out how you are going to measure success. Your goal will be completely unique to you.

Agreeing a Timeframe

Based on your specific goal and circumstances, you and your nutritionist will agree the time frame to achieve your goal. This may be a very different approach to what you’re used to but it’s the perfect way to ensure everyone’s support is perfectly aligned to them.

Achieving Your Goal

1. Fortnightly Video Consultations
2. Fortnightly Action Plans

Achieve your goal through one-on-one coaching with your nutritionist. Coaching consists of a fortnightly consultation with your nutritionist followed by a completely bespoke action plan for the next two weeks for you to work on before your next consultation.

Made to be Deleted

We pride ourselves on helping you develop healthy skills and behaviours that last a lifetime, so, once you’ve achieved your goal and feel confident to go it alone, you can delete Odhealth! Of course if you ever need support later down the line then we’re always here to help.

Your consultations - what to expect

Twice a month you will meet with your nutritionist to discuss your progress, feedback and refine your plan. Discussing your challenges and questions with your nutritionist is an incredible way to learn and having the specific accountability of a nutritionist increases your chances of success by 95%.

Your plans - what to expect

Your plan is your step by step roadmap for achieving your goals. In it, your nutritionist will lay out your big picture goal and the timeframe for you to achieve it. In order to achieve this goal your nutritionist will break it down into specific, achievable actions.

Speak to a nutritionist

Pay Monthly

£20 Per Consultation

Dedicated personal nutritionist working towards your goals.

Pay As You Go

£30 Per Consultation

One-on-one consultation with a nutritionist & follow-up plan.

Odhealth provides qualified nutritionists on demand through an online platform.