Charan Gill

Weight management, behaviour change, family nutrition, mental health and food, balanced eating, plant based diets, gut health, stress management.

MSc in Public Health (Nutrition) and BSc in Nutrition and Food Science (Major) and Physical Activity (Minor). Current Pre-Doctoral Fellow in Public Health at Imperial College London. Over 3 years working with individuals and families as well as experience working in nutrition research and implementation.


The title Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) guarantees the completion of an accredited nutrition university degree (often at Master’s level) and registration with the Association for Nutrition (the only nutritionist qualification recognised by the the NHS and PHE).

I love supporting people with their health and nutrition journey. I have worked with hundreds of different individuals and understand the complexities of real life! I take an inclusive approach on how to implement healthy habits through using behaviour change strategies so it really sticks and integrates into your life. It’s about building life long habits around food and nutrition. I only share evidence based nutrition and work with you to find what truly works for you.

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Seanin brings such an amazing breadth of skill to her clients from her foundations as a registered ANutr to her specialism in intuitive eating and her dietician training and NHS experience. Weight management, long term health and physical fitness are Seanin’s bread and butter (pun intended).

She has a vast amount of experience working with clients looking to healthily lower their body fat and transform their eating habits through education and support. Seanin has a particular passion for female and family nutrition and is a specialist in helping busy parents to eat more healthily whilst managing the stress and demands of fussy family mealtimes.

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