Call Guidelines

Follow these for a successful Odhealth call.

Best Practices

For your video call:

  • Ensure you have good Wi-Fi or 4G
  • Find a quiet space
  • Join the call a couple of minutes early
  • Hold your camera still

The session is a consultation; you won’t be working out on the call so you don’t need to wear workout clothes.

Session Format

Each session is a 25min video consultation.

Your coach will lead the session.

Each session will be unique to suit your needs but the below can be used as a guide to the sort of structure you can expect a session to follow:

First sessions:

  1. Introductions 
  2. Establishing a clear goal 
  3. Outlining long term plan 
  4. Outlining short term plan 
  5. Outlining plan for the next week & setting up next session

Repeat sessions:

  1. Recapping the plan to date 
  2. Discussing your progress since your last session 
  3. Optimising short term plan 
  4. Optimising long term plan 
  5. Outlining plan for the next week & setting up next session

The Follow Up

The Follow Up

After every video call your coach will share a written action plan detailing clear actions between now and your next session.

Your action plan will:

  • Give 3 clear objectives to complete before your next session.
  • Give clear guidance on: exercises, duration, frequency, rest, nutrition.
  • Your coach will share this with you within 24hrs of your session. 
  • You can find all your past action plans on the app homepage under ‘past’.