The Coach Project

The Consultation

Part 3 / 5

The consultation is a 25 min video call which takes place within the app.

This is the beating heart of what we do and a crucial opportunity for our clients to have in-depth conversations with an expert, get answers to their long standing questions and learn from you.

The consultations are yours to run as the trained nutritionist and it’s important we offer flexibility so that all our clients’ diverse needs can be met.

During the consultation, make sure you talk the client through the process and let them know they will receive a food diary to complete following the consultation.

  • Key Structure
  • Set Clear Goals
  • Long Term Plan
  • Short Term Plan

During your first 25 minute call, you will need to:

  1. Introduce the session - 3 mins*
  2. Establish a clear goal - 6 mins*
  3. Outline long term plan - 7 mins*
  4. Outline short term plan - 7 mins*
  5. Advise on when to book next session - 2 mins*

And for follow up calls:

  1. Recap the plan to date - 3 mins*
  2. Discuss their progress since your last session together - 6 mins*
  3. Optimise short term plan - 7 mins*
  4. Optimise long term plan - 7 mins*
  5. Advise on when to book next session - 2 mins*

*recommended time spent

"Goals are the key to measuring progress: without a clear goal, there can be no real success."

Client goals should always be SMART:

  • S - specific (e.g. lose 5kg)
  • M - measurable (they must have an easy way to measure success)
  • A - actionable (does the client have the means to follow your plan e.g. gym access etc.)
  • R - realistic (is the goal actually achievable?)
  • T - timed (advise them on how long this goal should take to achieve)

Ask questions and identify barriers:

  • Why have they booked this sessions?
  • What do they want to get out of it?
  • What’s their starting point? How far away from that goal are they?
  • What the best measure of success?

“Great things take time“

Our clients will not succeed without a clear, long term strategy to follow. It is essential that they understand how every session contributes to that strategy.

In every session it is vital that we:

  • Set their goal in context.
  • Explain how long and how many sessions it will take to achieve.
  • How today’s session gets them closer to achieving that goal.
  • Give an overview of what future sessions will cover and how they fit together to contribute to success.
  • Don’t get into too much detail - just help the client visualise their journey over the coming months.

Momentum is key and clients who book sessions no longer than 2 weeks apart are 4x more likely to succeed.

Talk the client through what they need to do over the next couple of weeks:

  • What’s the first step on the journey?
  • What exercises should they be doing?
  • What food should they be eating?
  • What rest should they be getting?

Output: outline and explain the first stage of the plan which you will detail in the written follow up.