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Intro To Odhealth

Part 1 / 5

Welcome New Coaches!

These pages will guide you through our platform, our vision, and how as a nutritionist you can get the most out of Odhealth.

In 5 short sections we’ll cover:

  1. About us – why Odhealth?
  2. The App – how it works
  3. The Consultation
  4. The nutrition plan
  5. Client & coach success

How it works

  • Client completes Odhealth questionnaire
  • We match them to a nutritionist based on their answers 
  • We share questionnaire responses with their nutritionist ahead of time
  • Nutritionist is notified that they have a booking with an option to add to calendar 
  • All consultations are held via video call in app 
  • Following the consultation, the client will be provided with a three day food diary to complete 
  • Once completed we’ll share this with the nutritionist for them to create the nutrition plan 
  • The nutritionist will receive a plan template to work from with clear instructions to follow
  • The nutritionist will have 48 hours to return the completed plan to us at [email protected]
  • Payment is automatically issued once the plan has been sent.

About Us

Odhealth delivers an ecosystem where consumers can interact with registered nutritional experts, receive one-on-one coaching and be supplied with monthly nutritional plans tailored specifically to them.

All Odhealth’s nutritionists are registered with the AFN – the only register of qualified nutritionists recognised by Public Health England, NHS Choices and NHS Careers. Within Odhealth’s safe, vetted environment, customers can be confident that they are receiving only the latest, evidence-based research and feel secure knowing their health is in good hands.

Odhealth is a much needed antidote to the culture of misinformation and confusion which predominates the nutrition sector. It’s the answers to your long-standing questions and the means to positively change your health for good.

Uniquely too, Odhealth provides strategies and support to help consumers with the emotional side of making lasting changes to their eating habits. Real human interaction provides an invaluable forum for learning whilst nutrition plans deal at length with the emotional strategies and tools needed to make long term change – each tailored specifically by that customer’s nutritionist to meet their needs.