The Video Session

At Odhealth we don’t do one-off plans – we deliver lasting change. The video call is where we inspire, motivate and educate clients.

If you take nothing else away with you, remember:

Set clear goals. Focus on long term strategy.

  • Key Structure
  • Set Clear Goals
  • Long Term Plan
  • Short Term Plan

During your first 25 minute call, you will need to:

  1. Introduce the session - 3 mins*
  2. Establish a clear goal - 6 mins*
  3. Outline long term plan - 7 mins*
  4. Outline short term plan - 7 mins*
  5. Advise on when to book next session - 2 mins*

And for follow up calls:

  1. Recap the plan to date - 3 mins*
  2. Discuss their progress since your last session together - 6 mins*
  3. Optimise short term plan - 7 mins*
  4. Optimise long term plan - 7 mins*
  5. Advise on when to book next session - 2 mins*

*recommended time spent

"Goals are the key to measuring progress: without a clear goal, there can be no real success."

Client goals should always be SMART:

  • S - specific (e.g. lose 5kg)
  • M - measurable (they must have an easy way to measure success)
  • A - actionable (does the client have the means to follow your plan e.g. gym access etc.)
  • R - realistic (is the goal actually achievable?)
  • T - timed (advise them on how long this goal should take to achieve)

Ask questions and identify barriers:

  • Why have they booked this sessions?
  • What do they want to get out of it?
  • What’s their starting point? How far away from that goal are they?
  • What the best measure of success?

“Great things take time“

Our clients will not succeed without a clear, long term strategy to follow. It is essential that they understand how every session contributes to that strategy.

In every session it is vital that we:

  • Set their goal in context.
  • Explain how long and how many sessions it will take to achieve.
  • How today’s session gets them closer to achieving that goal.
  • Give an overview of what future sessions will cover and how they fit together to contribute to success.
  • Don’t get into too much detail - just help the client visualise their journey over the coming months.

Momentum is key and clients who book sessions no longer than 2 weeks apart are 4x more likely to succeed.

Talk the client through what they need to do over the next couple of weeks:

  • What’s the first step on the journey?
  • What exercises should they be doing?
  • What food should they be eating?
  • What rest should they be getting?

Output: outline and explain the first stage of the plan which you will detail in the written follow up.