About Us

Nutrition for Good

Collectively in the UK, we are 75m stone overweight.

Globally, the food industry is responsible for 13bn tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and takes up half of the world’s habitable land.

We have to change the way we eat for our health and the planet.

Odhealth is helping people to do exactly that with the support of registered nutritionists and environmental experts.

What We Do

Through smart, consumer friendly technology, Odhealth delivers an ecosystem where people can interact with registered nutritional experts, receive one-on-one coaching and be supplied with monthly nutritional plans tailored specifically to them. 

All Odhealth’s nutritionists are registered with the AFN – the only register of qualified nutritionists recognised by Public Health England, NHS Choices and NHS Careers.

Within Odhealth’s safe, vetted environment, you can be confident that you are receiving only the latest, evidence-based research and feel secure knowing your health is in good hands.  

Odhealth is a much needed antidote to the culture of misinformation and confusion which predominates the nutrition sector. It’s the answers to your long-standing questions and the means to positively change your health for good.

Uniquely too, Odhealth provides strategies and support to help you with the emotional side of making lasting changes to your eating habits. Real human interaction provides an invaluable forum for learning whilst nutrition plans deal at length with the emotional strategies and tools needed to make long term change – each tailored specifically by your nutritionist to meet your needs.


How it Works

Consultations are held over video call within the Odhealth app. The process is incredibly simple: we ask you a simple set of questions to find them the right specialist for you. You then choose the exact date and time that suits you and book your video consultation.

Everything is hosted via the Odhealth app and after the call your specialist will share a bespoke nutrition plan with you. All plans are bespoke and created by the your own nutritionist.

Start Your Journey

Created by certified nutritionists – taking our questionnaire is the first step to getting tailored, expert support and advice. Find the right nutritionist for you.

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Odhealth provides qualified nutritionists on demand through an online platform.