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"A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life."

About Us

We started Odhealth after one of our Co-Founders seriously injured his back.

There just wasn’t any way of getting the support he needed to get healthy and fit again.

We decided to take matters into our own hands and create a business which ensures no-one has to go it alone.

It takes courage to ask for help

No one doubts the importance of a healthy lifestyle but actually achieving one is another matter.

You’re busy and it’s not your job to be an expert. There’s so much bad information out there and even the seemingly good advice isn’t working for you. You want to make the most of your precious time.

At Odhealth we remove the guesswork by connecting you with your own highly qualified health & fitness consultant, available on-demand to help you finally establish healthy habits you can stick to.

Together you’ll explore what works for you and they’ll coach you to a point where you have the knowledge and confidence to manage your own health & fitness as part of everyday life.

Real help from a real expert

Your coach will help you to understand why long term change has proven elusive in the past and work with you to create a new approach, teaching you the science behind that approach.

Your coach will help you explore your motivations and set clear goals. Together you’ll discuss your experiences and the barriers to your success in detail.

Your coach will help you make behaviour shifts, support, motivate and inspire you.

They’ll teach you the science of wellbeing.

As part of every session, you’ll also receive a written action plan following every session so you have clear objectives to focus on between now and your next session.

Our consultants

All our professionals are vetted by us to ensure you receive only the highest quality advice. They are all highly qualified experts in their field and we match you to the best trainer for your goal.

We also provide a host of specialised training for our professionals as part of our promise to help them grow and develop their careers.

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