About Us

Through one-on-one coaching with a registered nutritionist, we teach people the knowledge and skills they need to take control of their eating habits for good.

Our Mission

Create a world of empowered eating.

Empowered Eating

em·​pow·​ered  | eat·​ing

Understanding and having full control of the emotional and physical impact of your eating habits.

It's not a short term diet, it's a long term lifestyle change.

Tom Sheppey & Will Kennard

“We wholeheartedly believe that every single person should be able to have their own registered nutritionist. It’s all about helping as many people as possible to live happier, healthier lives and looking after the planet in the process”

– Tom & Will, Odhealth Founders

People, people, people

We have a very different approach to what you might be used to. We’re all about face-to-face time with an accredited expert. 100% of your coaching is done one-on-one with an actual human nutritionist so that your learning experience is completely tailored to you.

Nutrition for Good

Collectively we are eating in a way our planet can’t sustain but every single one of us can make a real difference.

We are here to empower everyone to make sustainable choices with the help of our registered nutritionists and 10% of all profits go to funding reforestation projects in the Peruvian Amazon in partnership with Plant Your Future.

Designed to be Deleted

We pride ourselves on helping you develop healthy skills and behaviours that last a lifetime, so, once you’ve achieved your goal and feel confident to go it alone, you can delete Odhealth! Of course if you ever need support later down the line then we’re always here to help.

How it Works

Odhealth is unique.

Pay Monthly

£20 Per Consultation

Dedicated personal nutritionist working towards your goals.

Pay As You Go

£30 Per Consultation

One-on-one consultation with a nutritionist & follow-up plan.

Odhealth provides qualified nutritionists on demand through an online platform.