What is a Registered Nutritionist?

A Registered Nutritionist is a healthcare professional specialising in food and nutrition. They provide guidance on how to improve your health and wellbeing through dietary guidance. A nutritionists’ role is to take scientific research on how food interacts with the body and provide clients with practical nutrition advice to support their lifestyle.

Registered (RNutr) or Associate Registered (ANutr) Nutritionists work across the food and health industry and specialise in one of the 5 areas: sports and exercise nutrition, public health nutrition, nutrition science, food nutrition and animal nutrition. Many also go on to do additional courses or degrees in specialist subjects or have a particular area of interest. Nutritionists not only help individuals 1-1, they provide expertise in public health, the food industry, research and within hospitality.

How can I trust a Registered Nutritionist?

Registration to the UK voluntary register for nutritionists (UKVRN) requires a nutritionist to have over 3 years’ practical experience, meet a list of professional competencies and demonstrate they are a reliable evidence-based practitioner. Registrants (RNutr or ANutr) must keep up to date with scientific research within their field, taking part in regular training courses. The UKVRN aims to protect the public from misinformation, like fad diets and un-qualified practitioners by continually auditing those on the register. Nutritionists must adhere to a professional code of conduct and must obtain professional indemnity insurance when working with clients 1-1.

All the nutritionists here at Odhealth have a minimum degree or masters in nutrition and are registered to the UKVRN. You can rest assured that your nutrition is in the safe hands and our nutritionists will provide you with evidence-based guidance straight from the latest scientific research.

What about other nutritionists online?

Any nutritionist, nutritional therapist or nutrition coach not registered with the UKVRN or BDA, may not be regulated or audited by a governing body. Holistic or therapeutic nutritionists focus on complementary therapies which are not usually aligned with conventional medicine. Social media influencers, personal trainers or self-proclaimed nutrition experts, may have little to no nutrition education, basing their advice on personal experience or non-evidence based information. Such practitioners tend to prescribe one size fits all nutrition programmes and miss the essential fact that all humans are unique.

Here at Odhealth, our Registered Nutritionists take into account your whole lifestyle, including sleep, stress, activity, work patterns and eating habits and create a bespoke programme to suit your needs. This means you can walk away with confidence, knowing that the advice you received is realistic and if you follow the plan, you will achieve your goals.

How do I find the right Registered Nutritionist for me?

Whether you are looking to improve your gut health, boost your energy or manage your weight, we have a nutritionist for you. Our questionnaire pairs you with a selection of nutritionists who are specialists in your chosen areas.

How can a Registered Nutritionist help me to achieve my goals?

Through the consultation process, your nutritionist will help you to set short and long term goals effectively. They will be able to support you every step of the way to develop new eating habits and educate you with evidence-based nutrition guidance. You may have tried many diets before with no avail but having the support of a nutritionist can help keep you accountable and motivated. A nutritionist will filter out the faddy diets and unhelpful information for you, creating a programme and way of eating that suits your lifestyle.

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All our articles are written by qualified AfN registered nutritionists, so you know you’re in good hands.

Alice Goudie

Alice Goudie is a Registered Nutritionist, holds a Bsc in Food Science and Nutrition and has over 6 years’ experience working as an evidence-based nutritionist. Alice is a trained chef and her mission is to help people feel their best through tasty food and simple nutrition.

Alice takes a food-based approach, providing practical advice and supporting her clients every step of the way. She has worked with a variety of individuals including: athletes, working professionals, families, shift workers and those with specialist dietary requirements. Alice has additional training in recipe analysis, intuitive eating, mental health assessment and sustainable diets. Find Alice over on Linkedin or on Instagram for some foodie inspiration.

Alice Goudie Nutritionist

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